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Blue and Orange Pencil and Pens Preschool Chore Chart (2)

Live Online Weekend School

Starts from anytime. Covers mathematics, English, French, Physics and Chemistry. Suitable for students in Grade 1-12. Classes are held on weekends, and the subjects of the secondary school are taught continuously for 2 hours each time.

Grade 1-4 : 1 hour each time

Grade 5-12: 2 hours each time

Physics & Chemistry: are taught continuously, 1 hour for Physics and another hour for Chemistry

How to Register

There are special offers up to 40% off recently. Please submit the form to register the online school. If you need more informtion, please contact our education consultant by Email (support@k12kidsedu.com) or Wechat (id: k12kids) .

10 weeks package
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