Scratch s3002

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  • There will be 10 lessons, one lesson each week.
  • Each lesson’s period will be 60 mins in total.

Scratch is a block-based visual programming language that enables users to create their own games, animate stories, and interactive art and share their creations with one another over Internet. Primarily for 8 to 16 year old, Scratch helps children keep learning how to design, think, collaborate, communicate, analyze, and program using a computer language in an increasingly digital environment. Scratch is used in over 150 counties and available in over 40 languages.

Our courses help children develop a couple of important skills, including experimenting with new ideas by breaking down complex tasks into simpler ones, learning to solve problems through researching and fixing bugs, learning to ask questions and provide feedback, making logical conclusions and decisions, making ideas into reality and sharing them with others. There are ten chapters in the course.


  • Time:
  • 10 lessons 
  • Online classroom
  • Teaching language:  English, Chinese
  • Teacher: Ph. D. in CS
  • Students number: 4


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