Python S6 – Tue

2 students
  • This lesson is for students who completed the previous Session of Python.
  • There will be 10 lessons, one lesson each week.
  • Each lesson’s period will be 90 mins in total, with 2 sections, 40 mins each, and 10 mins break.
Python Programming Python has grown to become a very popular language for
programming web apps, analyzing data, and teaching people how to write
code. Python is known for being a simple language to use because it is
read much like natural languages, yet it is able to do data analysis very
quickly, making it a great language to create websites that handle a lot of
data. Another nice thing about Python that makes it fun to use is that
people have been working on game libraries, such as pygame, so that
people can create graphics programs with Python. The use of simple
graphics to make short games is a fun way to learn programming
constructs and is especially good for visual learners.
  • Time: Tue. 4:00-5:30 pm EDT  (2021, Feb. 2 – Mar. 6)
  • 10 lessons 
  • Online classroom
  • Teaching language:  English, Chinese
  • Teacher: Ph. D. in CS
  • Students number: 4-10


This class will be open if students number meets the requirements.

Students should register user and enroll this class in advance.

Students should login this website and join it on time.


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