French – Private Lessons (6-25)

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French Private Lessons (1 to 1) for K12 all levels. This course is for the students who already registered by contacting our consultant.

Please contact our education consultant by Email ( or Wechat (k12kids)  to book the available time.

    • Time: Twice a week, consult with our education consultant
    • 25 minutes per lesson, twice a week
    • $249 for 10 lessons
    • $1200 for 50 lessons
    • $2300 for 100 lessons
    • Online classroom
    • Student: K12 students in North America
    • Teacher: North American teachers with local teachers certificate
    • Language: French

Students should register user and enroll this class in advance.

Students should login this website and join it on time.

Scan Wechat QR code to consult our consultant:


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$399.00 $249.00